EG’s products feature pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other dietary supplements, specifically designed for practitioners specializing in natural medicine and wellness products. Our focus is to assist medical clinics, chiropractors, nutritionists, functional & anti-aging medicine practicing physicians & practitioners to confidently recommend a product that they truly believe in. In addition, our operational expertise allows us to bring lessons learned in all aspects of pharmaceutical & nutraceutical manufacturing processes & offer comprehensive consultation to our partners in production field.
Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements:

  • A new customizable label template that can incorporate your business colors & logo for a truly unique proprietary label through contract manufacturing in any dosage form possible.
  • Extensive selection of 210+ pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals with ongoing new additions to the line.
  • Extensive clinical nutraceutical education programs to make you and your staff more knowledgeable in clinical nutrition.
  • Customizable marketing collateral that will refer your customer’s to your product and build your brand loyalty.
  • Monthly Nutritional Grand Rounds teleconferences with experts in clinical nutrition to discuss your challenging patients.
  • We also assist you to formulate & customize any propriety product of your choosing to achieve your therapeutic goal.

GMP Certification Assistance:

Industrial pharmaceutical & nutraceutical Manufacturing is invariably complex, requires tremendous attention to standards & regulations, needs compliance with quality, health & safety legislation &, often, global & international laws & regulations.  At EG, we have a comprehensive gamut of services to assist manufacturing processes run smoothly at any stage of manufacturing process. Our team of engineers & technicians understand the business of manufacturing, from process control to logistics, & are willing & able to supports the integrity, safety and reliability of your activities, equipment and operations with creative technical solutions.  We utilize our state-of-Art testing, verification, & analysis equipment & tools to verify & inspection the authenticity of your products & manufacturing facility, respectively.
Laboratory Analysis:

EG provides a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical & dietary supplement laboratory services to meet your laboratory design, commissioning & operational requirements. We offer your business a full range of technical consultancy to ensure that labs for production operations are correctly specified to meet project operational requirements.
Our operational expertise allows us to bring knowledge learned into all aspects of:

  • Formulation
  • Design
  • Equipment specification
  • Method development & validation
  • Documentation
  • Lab operations & maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Commissioning & procurement
  • Health & safety
  • Product Analysis

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