About Us

Edinburgh Group Incorporated (EG) is the U.S. based research & development company for nutraceuticals & dietary supplements since 1999, which has utilized highly qualified experts dedicated to investigating the impacts & effects of nutrients and minerals on human life.

At EG, scientific research is the initiation point for every product we make & we utilize published research or our own trials to achieve our highest goal, quality. We couple GMP-Certified manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, & Austria, with a U.S. management team experienced in manufacturing dietary supplements & vitamins to bring forth high quality dietary supplements that science supports as being safe & beneficial to our consumers.

EG has the capacity to formulate & manufacture large & small volume products, shift production as necessary to produce creams, lotions, gel, oral sprays, lozenges, tablets, capsules, gelcaps & variety of different liquid dosage forms as well as devising a design to manufacture hard-to-produce products. EG provides business intelligence & marketing services in nutraceuticals & dietary supplements as well as providing manufacturing & chemical processes consultation. We leverage the strengths & capabilities of our world-class management team & staff of highly competent people to bring quality products to your home.